Beeston & Chilwell Book Club

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Who Are We?

We're a friendly and sociable bunch of people based in west Nottingham, reading mostly (but not exclusively) fiction, ranging from 'classics' to 'just published'. We meet monthly in local pubs or each others' homes to discuss the book chosen by one of us the month before.

When and Where?

Due to the continued success of the group and the large number of enquiries from potential new members, we have grown and split, with the original group continuing to meet one Thursday evening per month and three other groups meeting on various evenings, either monthly or 6-weekly. Most groups do not meet in August and there is usually a social event in December. Locations vary, but some groups meet in Beeston / Chilwell pubs and others take it in turn to host at home.

What's the Format?

All groups have 10-12 regular members and each person chooses a book in rotation. None of us are obsessive about reading, nor 'precious' about our choices, it's just fun to read things we might not otherwise pick up, and to discuss it and hear everyone elses' opinions. A bottle or two of wine, a few nibbles and the occasional cake get us in the mood. Our conversations often diverge into other areas but that's fine with us - we are mostly in our 20-50's so we tend to have plenty to talk about.

Can I Join?

All groups are open to new membership enquiries. If no places are currently available on the evening(s) you prefer, we would of course be happy to let you know as soon as places become available. If you would like further information, or are interested in joining us in the future please get in touch via the email link above. If there is enough interest, we'll get another group started up.

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